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GAUSS at ESA/ASI Workshop on Space Rider

GAUSS is participating in the “ESA/ASI Workshop “Space Rider, the European Return Ticket to Space“ that is being held in Frascati (Italy) on June 7, 2018 at ESA-ESRIN premises.  The event is about the ESA project Space Rider, a reusable space transportation system for Europe, containing a space laboratory with a number applications (IOV/IOD, technological […]

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Datasheets for GAUSS UHF Radio models now available for download

Datasheets for GAUSS UHF Radios are now available for public download. Priced at competitive rates, and with several hardware and software features not found in other radio products in the small satellite market, these radios are ready to be integrated in your mission. You may choose between a Low-Power (2W) version, for small-sized CubeSats, and […]

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Press Coverage of GAUSS monitoring Tiangong-1

The notable picture of the Chinese Space Station Tiangong-1, captured by GAUSS between Saturn and Mars while passing over Italy during its descent to re-enter the Earth atmosphere, on March 31, has been reported in many news.  GAUSS newsworthy snapshot of the spacecraft re-entry can be considered one of the most effective images of space debris monitoring.  In fact, […]

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UPDATED: GAUSS is monitoring Chinese Space Station Tiangong-1 reentry

GAUSS has been actively monitoring the descent and reentry of the Chinese Space Station Tiangong-1, using CastelGAUSS Observatory. The image shown has been captured today, March 31 2018, 03:50:28 UTC, with an exposure of 0.5 seconds. The Space Station is the bright pattern, while the point north of it is Saturn, Mars is down to the […]

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GAUSS at the International Workshop on Lean Satellite – 2018

GAUSS is participating in the 2018 edition of the International Workshop on Lean Satellite at the Kitakyushu International Conference Centre, in Japan, organized by Kyushu Institute of Technology with the support of the City of Kitakyushu on January 22-24, 2018.  The main purpose of this three-day workshop is to further promote lean satellites research, giving the opportunity to discuss various […]

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