GAUSS PC104 Single Radio





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The GAUSS PC104 Single Radio Adapter allows you to easily mount one GAUSS radio on a PC104 stack, ready for its integration inside a CubeSat.
This board can be configured during assembly in order to make it as much compatible as possible with other satellite subsystems.


Primary Features

  • ECSS compliant;
  • Compatible with all the GAUSS Radio boards;
  • The PC104 main connector pinout can be selected before assembly to adapt it based on user’s needs;
  • The radios can be powered from different power channels or from the permanent powered channel;
  • The single radio adapter features an external, high-reliability connector to input/output power and logic lines to/from the radio by devices outside of the PC104 stack;
  • The connector allows to integrate GAUSS radios anywhere inside the satellite, away from the main PC104 electronics stack;
  • The radios can be connected to the PC104 using different types of bus: CAN Bus, I2C, UART and SPI.
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