UNISAT-6 is ready for launch

The Gauss team is now in the Yasny Launch Base, property of ISC Kosmotras, for the integration of the satellite UniSat-6. The integration works started on the 2nd of June and the satellite was successfully installed on the Dnepr-1 launcher platform on the 5th of June.

Unisat-6 hosts 4 cubesats that will be deployed one day after launch:

  • Tigrisat: A 3U cubesat satellite built by the Sapienza University of Rome with the support of Iraqi students during a 18- month high level course at the Scuola di Ingegneria Aerospaziale.
  • Lemur 1: A 3U cubesat satellite built by NanoSatisfi Inc.
  • ANTELSAT: built by the Uruguayan Facultad de Ingeniaría de la Universidad de la República, ANTEL and the State Faculty of Engineering. It is the first Uruguayan satellite.
  • AeroCube6: It is a 1U cubesat developed and operated by Aerospace Corporation.

The launch will take place on the 19th of June at 21:11:11 CET (19:11:11 UTC) from the Yasny launch base.


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