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GAUSS latest satellites

Since the foundation of Company GAUSS Srl in 2012, several small satellites have been designed, developed, assembled and launched: UNISAT-5: designed and built by GAUSS was launched on the Dnepr rocket, from Yasny base (Russian Federation) on November 21st, 2013, carrying aboard eight nano-satellites (four CubeSats and four PocketQubes). UNISAT-6: launched from Yasny base (Russian […]

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TuPOD deployed by ISS astronauts

The TuPOD has officially been deployed by the astronauts of the “Kibo” Experiment Module of the ISS on January 16, 2017 at 10:50GMT, as scheduled.    The astronauts manually set the launch of six small satellites that were transported to the ISS aboard the spacecraft “KOUNOTORI-6” last month, including the TuPOD. The astronauts accomplished the task using […]

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TuPOD deployment date confirmed

The ultimate step of the TuPOD‘s itinerary is fast approaching: the date of its deployment from the International Space Station (ISS) is set for January 16 (Monday), 2017, at 10:50 GMT (19:50 JST). The astronauts of the Japanese Experiment Module “KIBO” (JEM) will deploy the satellite that was carried aboard the spacecraft HTV-6. The TuPOD reached the ISS on […]

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TuPOD reached the International Space Station

Four days after the successful launch of the H-2B rocket from the Tanegashima Space Center (Japan), as planned, the TuPOD safely arrived at the International Space Station (ISS), on-board the HTV-6 supply ship. In fact, the HTV-6 docking went along on schedule: on Tuesday December 13, at 10:39 a.m. (GMT), “KOUNOTORI6” was captured by the ISS’ robotic arm (Canadarm-2, 17.6 meters-long) […]

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