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In order to design a space mission there are many elements that should be taken into account.

GAUSS Srl offers consultancy for mission analysis to clients that intend to build a satellite (micro, pico or nano) or a satellite constellation.

A feasibility study allows us to define the mission’s planification, to make a preliminary assessment of its costs and to analyze risks at systems and subsystems levels.

Phases involved in a space mission planning

  • Preliminary mission analysis
  • Simulation of performances, sizes, power, payload etc..
  • Reliable planning of the system components
  • Applicability tests (AIT Assembly Integration and Tests activities analysis)
  • In orbit phase (first acquisition, health check, normal operations)
  • After the mission, create a report with all relevant data, in order to sum up the output and learn best practices.

A preliminary mission analysis would include

  • Feasibility study
  • Preliminary Power, Thermal, Mass and Link budgets
  • OBDH preliminary requirements, including storage analysis, command and control analysis
  • Preliminary 3D model for internal disposition of the different elements of the satellite and masses
  • Preliminary on-orbit mission planning
  • Identification and definition of the critical points of the mission for risk mitigation
  • Initial project plan definition
  • Space Debris Analysis.
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