Launch Services

GAUSS can provide launch services for micro, nano and pico satellites, offering piggyback launch opportunities in Low Earth Orbit with different options.

Hosted payload can be placed on the rocket/within the satellite of the organized launch, in cooperation with commercial operators of launch vehicles, according to specific criteria.

Customers can choose among two innovative releasing systems, according to their satellite’s size, the GPOD and the MRFOD (in collaboration with Morehead State University) systems.

The first service was provided at the end of 2013, onboard the DNEPR rocket. Three CubeSats and four PocketQubes were successfully released in a Sun-synchronous orbit from UniSat-5 during this launch. In 2014, in another DNEPR launch, UniSat-6 successfully released other four CubeSats in Sun-synchronous orbit.

Launch opportunities:

In 2020 we will be launching UniSat-7, that will release a number of CubeSats and PocketQubes in Sun-synchronous orbit. The launch vehicle will be Soyuz-2


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