The satellites developed and launched by GAUSS Group/GAUSS Srl since the early nineties are the following:

Years 1990/2012: from UniSat to UniSat-4, including UnicubeSat-GG and Edusat, developed by GAUSS Group  

Satellites manufactured by GAUSS Group











Years 2013/onwards: the most recent satellites, developed by GAUSS Srl

      • UNISAT-5: Launched from Yasny the 21st of November 2013
      • UNISAT-6: Launched from Yasny the 19th of June 2014
      • TUPOD: Launched from Japan the 9th of December 2016
      • UNISAT-7: To be launched in 2019-2020




UniSat Platform 

GAUSS started the UniSat Programme in the nineties, first as Group of the School of Aerospace Engineering, then as private Company, pioneering the concept of cost-effective scientific Microsatellites with payloads related to Space research and education.

GAUSS has innovated the idea of launch provider, making the UniSat satellites themselves launch platforms as well as carriers of fixed payloads.



GAUSS is the only company in the Italian panorama to have acquired the experience of the launch of nine different satellites and has been listed among the first 20 CubeSat Manufacturers by Bliley Technology.

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