GAUSS latest satellites

Since the foundation of the Company GAUSS Srl in 2012 several small satellites have been developed and launched:

  • Platform UNISAT-5: the satellite UniSat-5 designed and built by GAUSS was launched on the Dnepr rocket, from Yasny base (Russia) on 21 November 2013, carrying aboard 8 nano-satellites (4 CubeSats and 4 PocketQubes);

UniSat-5 during intergration on the Dnepr launcher 

  • Platform UNISAT-6: the satellite UniSat-6 was  launched from Yasny base on 19 June 2014 with 4 CubeSats;

UniSat-6 integrated on the launch platform of the Dnepr rocket

  • TUPOD: Launched from Japan the 9th of December 2016 to reach the ISS and be deployed on January 16, 2017 it has released 2 TubeSats;

TuPod being released by the robotic arm from the JSSOD onboard the ISS – Photo Credit JAXA

  • UNISAT-7: the new platform is scheduled to be launched in 2019-2020.

In less than two years UniSat-5 (2013) and UniSat-6 (2014) have carried into Space 12 Small Satellites.

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