Satellite Launches

GAUSS offers piggyback launch opportunities for micro, nano and pico satellites (e.g. CubeSats) through subsidiary launch vehicles.

GAUSS is a small satellites launch provider, using its own UniSat Platform Technology, a cost-effective satellite Platform developed to release into orbit nanosatellites realized by Universities, research centers and Space industries: UniSat is a flight proven platform that can contain smaller satellites and host IOV/IOD payloads.

UniSat Platform 

GAUSS has innovated the idea of launch provider, making the UniSat satellites themselves launcher platforms as well as carriers of fixed payloads. In less than two years UniSat-5 and UniSat-6 have carried into Space 12 small satellites.

GAUSS as a launch broker can help you launch in LEO orbits any kind of micro, pico and nanosatellites standards, up to 40kg, using its releasing platform UniSat or deployers fixed to a launcher:

  • 1U, 2U, 3U (+) CubeSats
  • PocketQubes
  • Other customized small satellites

Launch packages could include: 

  • Launch acquisition and slot’s coordination
  • Deployment system (GPOD)
  • Technical documentation
  • Ground station interface

The Company provides rideshare services on commercial launch vehicles such as Soyuz-2 and from the ISS

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