International Space Station

Through the activities of JEM, the Japanese Experiment Module named “Kibo”, GAUSS can provide launches from the ISS. 

The Japanese H-II transfer vehicle is one of the launchers that can be used to reach the ISS, (like the Russian Soyuz and Progress MS, the American Falcon-9 and Cignus).

Kibo module can release in orbit:

  • 1U, 2U or 3U Cubesats
  • Customized CubeSats
  • Microsatellites up to 55 x 55 x 55 cm

Thanks to the cooperation with JAMSS (Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation) which supported “Kibo”, GAUSS has performed launches from the International Space Station (ISS) : in 2017, the ISS Kibo Module released GAUSS satellite/deployer TuPOD, which had reached the ISS aboard the H-IIB Transfer Vehicle (HTV-6).

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 GAUSS TuPOD TubeSat Deployer just released from the robotic arm of the ISS – Credit ISS


CubeSats being released from ISS ©Expedition 38 Crew, NASA

CubeSats being released from ISS ©Expedition 38 Crew, NASA

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