Gearing up for UNISAT-7 mission!

GAUSS Srl is preparing the launch of its new Small-Sat mission, UNISAT-7, an octagonal-shaped satellite platform.
It will be released into a Sun Synchronous orbit, and it will automatically release CubeSats and PocketQubes, before beginning its research mission.

UNISAT-7 Mission Patch

                                          UNISAT-7 Mission Patch, © GAUSS Srl

The mission is based on four fundamental elements:

UNISAT-7 mission is based on the engineering Heritage gained in more than twenty years of GAUSS development of Small Sats.
It will be employed to test and verify GAUSS original Research on Astrodynamics, RF, Optics, ADCS, AOCS and Space Debris detection.
UNISAT-7 will host a Radioamateur payload and TLM will be open for anyone to be downloaded and decoded.
The sat will host Technology payloads for Earth Observation based on COTS and open-source HW.


UNISAT-7 satellite will be launched, as a secondary payload, with a Soyuz-2 Mission operated by GK Launch Services.


Main characteristics

  • Total mass: 32 kg
  • Sun-Synchronous Orbit: 545 km mean altitude (i=97,6°)
  • Launch vehicle: Soyuz 2.1a / Fregat-M
  • Launch base: Baikonur, Russia / Kazakhstan
  • Launch day: March 22nd, 2021, 06:07:12 UTC


GAUSS CubeSat and PocketQube Deployment systems are GPOD and MrFOD.




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