Satellite Design

GAUSS Srl is active in the aerospace industry and has a long experience in designing, manufacturing and releasing satellites of small size (under 50 kg). In particular, the Company is specialized in:

Our team is able to provide all necessary information related to the satellite project, using design softwares such as CAD 3D and analysis softwares like FEM. We are skilled in using any type of numerical control machine (CNC) on Sandwich material both in aluminium and carbon fiber.

We are able to perform the entire process, from the preliminary analysis to the carry out of the project, using modern specific programs that illustrate the key design parameters of the spacecraft-to-be, taking into account the functional requirements and specific design parameters  needed in order to integrate satellite systems and subsystems into a spacecraft.

Microsatellite offer both educational and commercial opportunities. 

We can design your own microsatellite, to get more information please contact us at services@gaussteam.comCNC_satellite_design

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