IAA Italian Regional Symposium on Space Debris Observations from Basilicata

The “IAA Italian Regional Symposium of Space Debris Observations from Basilicata” organized by the Municipality of Castelgrande and the Company GAUSS Srl, sponsored by the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) intends to address the topics related to Space Debris, offering insights deriving from studies and first-hand researches. 

Location: the Symposium will take place on Toppo di Castelgrande, located at 1250 meters above sea level, where the CastelGAUSS Astronomical Observatory, managed by the Company GAUSS Srl in cooperation with KIAM (the Keldish Institute of Moscow), dedicated to space debris and asteroids detection and part of the ISON (International Scientific Optical Network) is positioned.

Within the project “Matera 2019 Capital for a Day” promoted by Fondazione Matera-Basilicata 2019, which provides contributions to the municipalities of Basilicata Region that realize relevant cultural initiatives during the year of “Matera European Capital of Culture” designated by the European Union, the 9th of July the Municipality of Castelgrande will be awarded the title of “Capital for a Day” on the occasion of the Conference “IAA Italian Regional Symposium on Space Debris Observations from Basilicata” (“Simposio Regionale Italiano IAA sulle Osservazioni dei Detriti Spaziali dalla Basilicata”) that will be held on July 9-10, 2019.

At the Symposium distinguished speakers and prestigious guests belonging to the space debris panorama will illustrate the most recent developments in the sector, through technical sessions on the following topics:

  • Current and future research and applications;
  • Optical observations of space debris and NEOs (NearEarth Objects);
  • Monitoring, detection and data analysis;
  • Data processed under the CastelGAUSS Project;
  • Space debris prevention and removal.

Download the CONFERENCE PROGRAM here (updated as of  July 4th, 2019)



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