Solar Panels

Solar panels are the preferred energy generation equipment available for Small Satellites.

The solar panels GAUSS Srl uses for its Small Satellites are manufactured by the partner company DHV Technology, expert in the field of solar panels suitable for small-sized satellites and customizable according to the satellites structure.

All GAUSS Products (Structure, etc.) are compatible with DHV Technology solar panels.

Solar panels can also be integrated on-board the GAUSS satellites as IOD payload for testing purposes and flight heritage, as happened in EDUSAT mission.

As with UniSat-6 case, an upgraded solar-powered power generation system will be part of UNISAT-7 mission, to be used to provide power to the satellite bus and payloads bus.

For UNISAT-7 mission, GAUSS has designed and realized several original subsystems to convert and distribute power throughout the platform. More info will be available soon.

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Solar panels of UniSat-6 © DHV

Solar panels of UniSat-6 © DHV


Solar panels surface

Solar panel manufactured in-house by GAUSS Srl for the UNISAT-5 mission




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