G.A.U.S.S. Srl is preparing the launch of a new satellite, UniSat-7, into the SSO orbit, containing CubeSats and PocketQubes.

The launch is planned for 2018 and we are currently looking into the payloads to include in our satellite.

Overview of the future UniSat-7 satellite
Characteristics of the UniSat-7 mission:

  • Total mass: 32 kg
  • Sun-Synchronous orbit: (550 – 600 km)
  • LTAN: 10:30 (confirmed)
UniSat-7 render

UniSat-7 render

Interested in launching a CubeSat or a PocketQube with us? We can place your own payload onboard UniSat-7.

You can find more information here or contact us to assess the impact on the mission at [email protected].