GAUSS Srl is preparing the launch of a new satellite, UniSat-7, into the SSO orbit, containing CubeSats and PocketQubes.

The launch is planned for the period 2019-2020 and we are currently looking into the payloads to include in our satellite.


The main characteristics of the UniSat-7 mission are:

  • Total mass: 32 kg
  • Sun-Synchronous orbit: (550 – 600 km)
  • LTAN: 11am
  • Launch vehicle: Soyuz-2
  • Launch base: Baikonour or Vostochny 
  • Launch window: Q4, 2019Q1, 2020

Interested in launching a 3U CubeSat or a PocketQube with us?

We can place your own payload onboard UniSat-7.

We are offering SPECIAL PRICES to CubeSats developers.

The CubeSat Deployment system is GPOD.

Hurry up to secure your slot with the special price! E-mail us: launch@gaussteam.com

Overview of the future UniSat-7 satellite


UniSat-7 render

UniSat-7 render

 The launch service include a number of related services:

  • Technical Assistance for documentation and tests procedure 
  • Interface Control Document provision
  • Collision Risk Analysis     
  • Satellite fit-check and integration into GPOD and UniSat-7 Platform

You can find more information on GAUSS satellite launches here.

Contact us to get ready for your mission!