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Farnborough International Air Show 2018 takes off today

Farnborough International Air Show 2018 (FIA18) started today, 16 July.  GAUSS is glad to be among the Italian companies selected by LAZIOINNOVA to form part of the Lazio Regional Cluster, whose presence displays Lazio’s strenghts in the key field of Aerospace, aiming at enhancing its already advanced industry at EU and international levels. The Italian Pavilion offers an insight […]

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TuPOD successfully deployed its two onboard TubeSats

The TuPOD, released by the ISS astronauts on January 16, 2017 at 10:50 GMT, has been navigating on its own orbit since then. Yesterday, 19 of January 2017, at around 23:30UTC, it successfully deployed the two TubeSats hosted inside its structure, TANCREDO I and OSNSAT. One hour later, at around 00:30 UTC the satellite contacted the GAUSS Ground station […]

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TuPOD deployed by ISS astronauts

The TuPOD has officially been deployed by the astronauts of the “Kibo” Experiment Module of the ISS on January 16, 2017 at 10:50GMT, as scheduled.    The astronauts manually set the launch of six small satellites that were transported to the ISS aboard the spacecraft “KOUNOTORI-6” last month, including the TuPOD. The astronauts accomplished the task using […]

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TuPOD deployment date confirmed

The ultimate step of the TuPOD‘s itinerary is fast approaching: the date of its deployment from the International Space Station (ISS) is set for January 16 (Monday), 2017, at 10:50 GMT (19:50 JST). The astronauts of the Japanese Experiment Module “KIBO” (JEM) will deploy the satellite that was carried aboard the spacecraft HTV-6. The TuPOD reached the ISS on […]

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Background – Before G.A.U.S.S. Srl

The first UNISAT satellites were developed by GAUSS Group from Scuola di Ingegneria Aerospaziale of Rome. The UNISAT (University Satellite) program as part of the space research projects of GAUSS Group started in 1990 and finished in 2012 with the launch of UNICUBESAT-GG. In 2012 the company G.A.U.S.S. Srl was founded and from there onwards it has continued launching […]

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