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Special Price for 3U Cubesat Launch

Interested in launching your CubeSat mission, but scared of launch prices? Board your 3U(+) CubeSat with us! GAUSS has set up a special promotion regarding four 3U slots on the GPOD deployer: 145,000 € to launch your satellite from UniSat-7! Your Cubesat will be integrated into UniSat-7, our next satellite to be launched. With our experience of […]

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CubeSats: The Origins CubeSats can go from 1U to even 12U Units and beyond.  The revolutionary CubeSat project is quite young although by now it is visibly diffused: it started in 1999 when Professor Bob Twiggs (from Stanford University’s Space Systems Development Laboratory) and Professor Jordi PuigSuari (from California Polytechnic State University – Cal Poly, California) created a […]

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Gearing up for UniSat-7 mission! GAUSS Srl is preparing the launch of a new satellite, UniSat-7, an octagonal prism satellite platform, into SSO orbit, containing CubeSats and PocketQubes. Furthermore, fixed payloads can be hosted onboard the satellite. UniSat-7 satellite will be launched, as a secondary payload, with Soyuz-2 commercial mission operated by GK Launch Services. The launch […]

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