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Press Coverage of GAUSS monitoring Tiangong-1

The notable picture of the Chinese Space Station Tiangong-1, captured by GAUSS between Saturn and Mars while passing over Italy during its descent to re-enter the Earth atmosphere, on March 31, has been reported in many news.  GAUSS newsworthy snapshot of the spacecraft re-entry can be considered one of the most effective images of space debris monitoring.  In fact, […]

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Castelgrande Observatory

GAUSS Srl participates in the Castelgrande Observatory Mission, through the CastelGAUSS Project, providing technical assistance and its know-how in space debris research. Being the area of Toppo di Castelgrande – in the  Italian region of Basilicata – particularly suitable for space objects observation, it already hosted the astronomical observatory run by INAF-Capodimonte, with a 1.54 meter altazimuth telescope (TT1). Near the […]

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