Press Coverage of GAUSS monitoring Tiangong-1

The notable picture of the Chinese Space Station Tiangong-1, captured by GAUSS between Saturn and Mars while passing over Italy during its descent to re-enter the Earth atmosphere, on March 31, has been reported in many news. 

GAUSS newsworthy snapshot of the spacecraft re-entry can be considered one of the most effective images of space debris monitoring. 

In fact, CastelGauss project aims also at monitoring events like satellites and space objects not operated anymore, which pose a threat to nearby satellites and, although with a minimum likelihood, to mankind. For this purpose this project is also focused on NEOs (Near Earth Objects) with observation and surveillance purposes.

GAUSS personnel, overseeing the sky through telescopes located in Castelgrande Observatory (Basilicata, South of Italy), managed to track the fast moving Chinese space station it was pointing at. This vivid photo has been extensively disseminated in the media, shared around the web and was mentioned by Italian TV News.

Here you may find a list of some of the main newspapers and news sites reporting the picture taken from GAUSS Observatory in Castelgrande:

The PDF collection with the press excerpts:

Download this file (PDF, 2.42MB)


  • Watch the TV news videos that talked about GAUSS snapshot:

TG5 – April 1st 2018, h13


TG3 – April 1st 2018, h14:20




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