Datasheets for GAUSS UHF Radio models now available for download

Datasheets for GAUSS UHF Radios are now available for public download.

Priced at competitive rates, and with several hardware and software features not found in other radio products in the small satellite market, these radios are ready to be integrated in your mission.
You may choose between a Low-Power (2W) version, for small-sized CubeSats, and a High-Power (5W) version, best suited for >6U CubeSats and Micro-Satellite missions.

Do not forget these radios can be paired in a single PC104 board, for maximum reliability, dual frequency Full-Duplex operations, and for the integration of a UHF and a VHF radio, when the VHF model will be ready for purchase.


Click on the following buttons to download them.

GAUSS UHF Radio –  2W (Low Power)         


GAUSS  UHF Radio – 5W (High Power)       


GAUSS USB Mini Ground Dongle (UHF)   


You may also find the datasheets links in the relative product page.

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