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First steps to ESA’s plan for Recycling in Space thanks to CastelGAUSS Observatory

The European Space Agency is increasingly looking at possibilities to begin recycling materials in space, as we do every day here on Earth. The critical words are: recycle, refurbish, repurpose and reuse. Man has carried in space many tonnes of valuable materials (metals like aluminum and titanium alloys, composite materials etc.) that could be utilized […]

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GAUSS at ESA/ASI Workshop on Space Rider

GAUSS is participating in the “ESA/ASI Workshop “Space Rider, the European Return Ticket to Space“ that is being held in Frascati (Italy) on June 7, 2018 at ESA-ESRIN premises.  The event is about the ESA project Space Rider, a reusable space transportation system for Europe, containing a space laboratory with a number applications (IOV/IOD, technological […]

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