GAUSS at ESA/ASI Workshop on Space Rider

GAUSS is participating in the ESA/ASI Workshop “Space Rider, the European Return Ticket to Space that is being held in Frascati (Italy) on June 7, 2018 at ESA-ESRIN premises. 

                                                                            Space Rider – 

The event is about the ESA project Space Rider, a reusable space transportation system for Europe, containing a space laboratory with a number applications (IOV/IOD, technological payloads), to be launched starting in 2021 for and from LEO (Low-Earth-Orbit) on Vega-C in order to perform several missions at a reduced cost.

On the Agenda there is a GAUSS presentation on Biomedicine Space Research, the GlioSpace Project, that continues the Company enduring research on the effects of space environment on some biological specimens, namely Glioblastoma Tumor Cells, which are the cause of the most common of malignant brain tumor on humans.

                                                         ANGM-CSS Cells

For more information on this matter please refer to the GAUSS keynote below:



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