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BepiColombo pass tracked by CastelGAUSS Observatory

CastelGAUSS Observatory has been employed to track the BepiColombo spacecraft, during its gravitational slingshot around Earth. CatelGAUSS project is GAUSS‘ remote observatory for space objects, created, managed and operated by GAUSS, with an administrative and scientific cooperation involving KIAM and the Municipality of Castelgrande. The slingshot (the first of nine) was used to bend BepiColombo’s […]

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Press Coverage of GAUSS monitoring Tiangong-1

The notable picture of the Chinese Space Station Tiangong-1, captured by GAUSS between Saturn and Mars while passing over Italy during its descent to re-enter the Earth atmosphere, on March 31, has been reported in many news.  GAUSS newsworthy snapshot of the spacecraft re-entry can be considered one of the most effective images of space debris monitoring.  In fact, […]

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TuPOD deployed by ISS astronauts

The TuPOD has officially been deployed by the astronauts of the “Kibo” Experiment Module of the ISS on January 16, 2017 at 10:50GMT, as scheduled.    The astronauts manually set the launch of six small satellites that were transported to the ISS aboard the spacecraft “KOUNOTORI-6” last month, including the TuPOD. The astronauts accomplished the task using […]

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TuPOD deployment date confirmed

The ultimate step of the TuPOD‘s itinerary is fast approaching: the date of its deployment from the International Space Station (ISS) is set for January 16 (Monday), 2017, at 10:50 GMT (19:50 JST). The astronauts of the Japanese Experiment Module “KIBO” (JEM) will deploy the satellite that was carried aboard the spacecraft HTV-6. The TuPOD reached the ISS on […]

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TuPOD reached the International Space Station

Four days after the successful launch of the H-2B rocket from the Tanegashima Space Center (Japan), as planned, the TuPOD safely arrived at the International Space Station (ISS), on-board the HTV-6 supply ship. In fact, the HTV-6 docking went along on schedule: on Tuesday December 13, at 10:39 a.m. (GMT), “KOUNOTORI6” was captured by the ISS’ robotic arm (Canadarm-2, 17.6 meters-long) […]

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