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Fourth Anniversary of UniSat-6

UniSat-6 fulfilled GAUSS’ long endurance expectations and is turning 4 today! GAUSS latest small satellite sailed across the sky for a whole year more, being up and running and still completely operative, hence demonstrating its good health.  UniSat-6 was launched on 19 June 2014 and ejected into orbit with its payload by the Dnepr LV, from […]

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GAUSS at the Conference about Professor Algeri Marino

Professor of Astrodynamics and GAUSS President Filippo Graziani is giving a speech on “Guidonia, the Guidonians and the aerospace research after Guidonia: from Aeronautics to Astronautics” (“Guidonia, i Guidoniani e la ricerca aerospaziale dopo Guidonia: dall’Aeronautica all’Astronautica”) during the Conference for the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Algeri Marino. The event in memory of the “apostle of electronics”, pioneer of radio usage in aviation and expert in telecommunication takes place on 14 May 2018 in the Faculty of Engineering of “Sapienza“ University in Roma […]

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Datasheets for GAUSS UHF Radio models now available for download

Datasheets for GAUSS UHF Radios are now available for public download. Priced at competitive rates, and with several hardware and software features not found in other radio products in the small satellite market, these radios are ready to be integrated in your mission. You may choose between a Low-Power (2W) version, for small-sized CubeSats, and […]

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GAUSS PC104 Dual Radio

    Available on request (products@gaussteam.com): CAD model in STEP The GAUSS PC104 Dual Radio is a passive adapter that allows you to easily mount the GAUSS radios on PC104 boards that are CubeSat compatible. This board can be configured during assembly in order to make it as much compatible as possible with other satellite […]

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