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The original idea  The first UNISAT (University Satellite) was created by the GAUSS Group of Astrodynamics of  the School of Aerospace Engineering (Scuola di Ingegneria Aerospaziale) of the University of Rome (Università degli Studi Roma “La Sapienza”), composed by University professors, researchers and students of the School and the faculty of Aerospace Engineering.   GAUSS Group was led by […]

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Satellite Launches

GAUSS offers piggyback launch opportunities for micro, nano and pico satellites (e.g. CubeSats) through subsidiary launch vehicles. GAUSS is a small satellites launch provider, using its own UniSat Platform Technology, a cost-effective satellite Platform developed to release into orbit nanosatellites realized by Universities, research centers and Space industries: UniSat is a flight proven platform that can contain […]

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Microsatellites are small artificial satellites built with low mass and size  – usually weighting between 10/11 and 100/120 kg – whose reduced manufacturing and launch costs ease a responsive access to Space. The interest of universities, private companies and government agencies in launching microsatellites has been increasing in the last decades, representing a recent significant development in the Space industry scenario. Microsatellites are built with […]

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The Promotions for payloads onboard UniSat-7 continue

The special offers for boarding a small satellite as payload onto UniSat-7 are still valid for a limited time, don’t miss out the UniSat Platform advantages!   Customers can currently benefit from promotional fares to make their CubeSats or another kind of IOD/IOV payload fly on GAUSS Space bus. UniSat-7 is a small spacecraft planned to […]

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GAUSS at ASI Workshop on Technological and Opportunity Missions for Small Satellites and Payloads for Earth Observation

GAUSS is joining the Workshop about Technological and Opportunity Missions for Small Satellites and Earth Observation Payloads – “Missioni tecnologiche e di opportunità per piccoli satelliti e payload di Osservazione della Terra” –  held on 2-3 July 2018 in Rome, at ASI premises. The event is organized by the Italian Space Agency (ASI), thanks to the Units of […]

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Flight Heritage of ABACUS OBC on UniSat-6

Together with the recent fourth anniversary of the satellite UniSat-6, GAUSS OBC ABACUS reached a flight heritage of four years flying on two small satellites, namely UniSat-6 and Tigrisat.  Infact, since June 2014, the brain of the satellite, the on board computer specifically developed for microsatellites, has successfully spent several years in orbit, being continuously up and running.   In […]

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