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Press Release on CastelGAUSS advancements

The Asteroid Day, which is celebrated on June 30, is an annual international event declared by the United Nations Organization in December 2016 with the goal to spread awareness among general public about asteroids, their research, their usage, their hazards and the methods of Earth protection against them. The celebration date had been selected in […]

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Satellite Design

GAUSS Srl is active in the aerospace industry and has a long experience in designing, manufacturing and releasing satellites of small size (under 50 kg).  In particular, the Company is specialized in: Microsatellites (the UniSat series) CubeSats PocketQubes Deployers for Cubesats & PocketQubes Our team is able to provide all necessary information related to the satellite project, […]

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G.A.U.S.S. takes part in the EU IODISPlay project

G.A.U.S.S. Srl forms part of the consortium created to undertake the IODISPlay project, within the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, thanks to its expertise as a space launcher. IODISPlay project (that stands for IOD/IOV Service Mission Portfolio) is funded by the European Commission to identify a repertory of IOD/IOV missions. The company, G.A.U.S.S., collaborates to this project with […]

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Collepardo Observatory

SpaDe Observatory  In 2006 the GAUSS Group of the University of Roma “Sapienza” was chosen by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) to design and shape the first Italian optical observatory to perform space debris observation. The University/ASI Observatory GAUSS was named “SpaDe” (Space Debris) and it was located in Collepardo (Frosinone, Lazio Italian region) at an altitude […]

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Castelgrande Observatory

GAUSS participates in the Castelgrande Observatory Mission, through the CastelGAUSS Project, providing valuable technical assistance and its know-how in space debris research. The area of Toppo di Castelgrande, in the  Italian region of Basilicata, is particularly suitable for space objects observation. This zone was already selected to host the astronomical observatory managed by INAF-Capodimonte, with a […]

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Space Debris Observation

GAUSS develops remote controlled telescope stations equipped with automatic telescope mounts, light domes for equipment storing, PCs for telescopes control and remote management. GAUSS has been involved in the international study on Space Debris in the framework of IADC (Inter Agency Debris Committee) programs and, among others, is collaborating with the Russian Delegation (ROSCOSMOS). GAUSS has developed a […]

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