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GAUSS is taking part in the 7th EUROPEAN CONFERENCE FOR AERONAUTICS AND SPACE SCIENCES, being held on 3-6 July 2017 in Milan, Italy, at the Bovisa Campus of the Politecnico di Milano.

This is considered the most extensive event on Aeronautics and Space Research in continental Europe, where major players in the fields are able to convey valuable information on various space activities, sharing their expertise and discussing future research projects, ideas and scientific breakthroughs.

The main objectives of such a high level forum are to provide the aerospace scientific community with the state of the art in Aeronautics and Space Sciences, gathering decision makers from Industry and Agencies of the sectors, promoting synergies between Academia and Industry, specialistic programmes with particular emphasis on EU’s Framework programmes.    

A great number of scientists, engineers and exhibitors are joining the event from EU and the rest of Europe, Russia, Asia and the Americas. Distinguished authors are presenting papers and about one hundred of technical sessions, special workshops, plenaries and technical visits (e.g. to space laboratories) have been organized; five parallel symposia cover the following areas:

  •  System Integration
  •  Flight Physics
  •  Flight Dynamics/ GNC and Avionics
  •  Structures and Materials
  •  Propulsion Physics.

Professor Filippo Graziani, GAUSS President and IAA Member, is going to give a Lecture on “MICRO AND NANO SATELLITES: PRESENT & FUTURE”, on Thursday 6 July, in the framework of  the Workshop: “Issues for Future of aerospace”.

Once again, GAUSS is contributing to the international aerospace culture. 

Professor Graziani during his presentation


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