GAUSS at the 2nd IAA/AAS SciTech 2019 Forum

The 2nd IAA/AAS SciTech Forum 2019 is being held in Moscow (Russia) on June 25 –27, 2019 and includes two conferences:

  • The 2nd IAA/AAS Conference on Space Flight Mechanics
  • The 2nd IAA/AAS Conference on Space Structures and Materials 

The Forum is organized by the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) in partnership with Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University), with the support of the American Astronautical Society (AAS) and conveys professionals and researchers of the Space sector from all over the world. 

Professor Filippo Graziani, GAUSS President and IAA Member and Trustee, is part of the Program Committee, Co-Chair of the session Space Missions and Applications (SMA) and on June 26 presents a Highlight Lecture on the recent Space industry transformation with special attention to Microsatellites

                          Professor F. Graziani – SciTech 2019 (Moscow)

GAUSS is also participating with the following topics:
the Highlight Lectures titled “A dual sensing, virtualized CubeSat constellation for Earth observation” and “Space application of high tc superconductors”;               
the Presentations “GAUSS Automatic Release System for critical deployment applications” during the session Mission Design and Optimization and “Magnetic flux penetration in ceramic superconductors” during Space Energy Systems session.

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