Fifth Anniversary of UniSat-6

Today UniSat-6 marks its first five years in orbit

UniSat-6 was launched on 19 June 2014 and has been operative since then.  

Communications are carried out on a daily basis as the satellite passes on average 6 times over GAUSS ground station every day.
Here below we have gathered some relevant data concerning UniSat-6 fifth post-launch year, received through GAUSS ground station:


  • 26879 total orbits completed around the Earth during these 5 years
  • Over a billion km traveled in 5 years (more than 3400 times the Earth-Moon distance)
  • More than 60 millions of telemetry data downloaded during this last year 


Hence the mission continues with all systems – e.g. the on-board computer ABACUS – fully functional and operational.

                                                     Graphics showing different data of UniSat-6


We also take the opportunity to thank the Radio Amateurs Community that continues tracking the satellite.

UniSat-6 beacon for the event


Here below a couple of pictures taken from UniSat-6 during its fifth year in orbit:

                                UniSat-6 passing over Japan – Winter 2018


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