DHV solar panels onboard UniSat-7

GAUSS and DHV have created a partnership in order to use DHV solar panels for the space sector on the GAUSS satellite UniSat-7.

GAUSS is in the process of building its new satellite UniSat-7, which will work also using solar panels’ energy. Like in the case of UniSat-6, part of the power is provided by space qualified solar cells.

The company DHV Technology manufactures solar panels for small satellites, customizable according to the satellites structure.

Some solar panels manufactured by DHV with an innovative technology and fitting UniSat-7 will be used to provide power to the satellite bus and payloads while others will be placed on it as payload for testing purposes and flight heritage.

Solar panels of UniSat-6

Solar panels of UniSat-6 manufactured by DHV Technology


Render of UniSat-7

Render of UniSat-7

This cooperation is a joint example of innovation of the microsatellites technology.

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