UniSat-6: Celebrating its First Anniversary In Orbit

One year has passed since the successful launch of UniSat-6 into space: UniSat-6 rocketed into orbit on 19th of June 2014 from the Yasny launch site onboard a Dnepr-1 rocket. Since then, the satellite is keeping on its adventure in space, while enduring its communication with the GAUSS ground station in Rome.

UniSat-6 in orbit Render

UniSat-6 in orbit Render

UniSat-6 in figures

To date, UniSat-6 has orbited 5,371 times, having travelled for 237,398,161 Kilometers at an average speed of 7.5km/s. Over its first year, UniSat-6 has transmitted 318.5MB of data, 3,153,600 beacons and 1134 pictures from orbit. In total, UniSat-6 has reached 117MB of stored telemetry and pictures.

Sum up of the first year

Until now, the satellite has been providing the GAUSS team with daily data about its internal health. Some electronics have been tested and stressed with heavy calculations and in a high radiation environment. Moreover, the radio has been commanded to different speeds and powers to test ground equipment.

Image of Earth's magnetic field as measured by UniSat-6

Image of Earth’s magnetic field as measured by UniSat-6

Future expectations

Another field in which GAUSS has gained a lot of experience is on ground operations and automation of satellite procedures. UniSat-7, that is expected to be launched in 2017, will have much more power hungry payloads that will also require bigger transmissions to ground. UniSat-6 is being tested now emulating these new requirements.

After the rewarding completion of the first year of life, the team expects UniSat-6 to maintain its route and to continue proving the effectiveness of its components, while transmitting them more data.

Its successor, UniSat-7, is currently being readied to reach it next couple of years.

The future UniSat-7 satellite
Today we have prepared a new beacon on UniSat-6 for the HAM radio community. Who will be the first one to report it?

Keep up the good work, UniSat-6!

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