The new PocketQube Standard is available


We are glad to announce that the PocketQube Standard has been issued by GAUSS Srl, Alba Orbital and Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). The document containing the standards has been outlined in order to provide the PocketQubes community with common specifications and ease their access to space. 

The PocketQubes are cube shaped picosatellites of 50×50 mm with a mass weighting up to 250 g usually containing COTS electronics. The first PocketQube was launched using the Morehead Rome Femto Orbital Deployer (MRFOD) carried onboard the UniSat-5 microsatellite through a cooperation between Morehead State University GAUSS Srl and Kentucky Space.

Download the Standard document (PDF)

More information about the PockeQubes and the Standard document can be found at page PockeQubes.


WREN1, the smallest and most advanced PocketQube launched onboard UniSat-5

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