Sixth Anniversary of UniSat-6

UniSat-6 has reached its sixth anniversary in orbit! 

UniSat-6 was launched on 19 June 2014 at 21:11:11 CET and it is still operating nominally.

UNISAT-6 beacon

UNISAT-6 beacon for its sixth anniversary

GAUSS engineers are still downloading valuable UniSat-6 telemetry data that has been thoroughly evaluated throughout the years, in order to design its latest successor, UniSat-7, which will soon be launched.

All subsystems onboard constituting the UNISAT bus have been gathering an extensive flight heritage, as all of them are still operating smoothly as day one.

More than 32307 total orbits around the Earth have been completed by UniSat-6 over these six years.

Propagator Celestrak

UNISAT-6 and its launch siblings six years later (thanks to Celestrak)


GAUSS would like to thank all radio amateurs around the globe for the continued assistance on receiving UniSat-6 data.


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