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UniSat-6: Celebrating its First Anniversary In Orbit

One year has passed since the successful launch of UniSat-6 into space: UniSat-6 rocketed into orbit on 19th of June 2014 from the Yasny launch site onboard a Dnepr-1 rocket. Since then, the satellite is keeping on its adventure in space, while enduring its communication with the GAUSS ground station in Rome. UniSat-6 in figures To date, UniSat-6 […]

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UniSat-6 witnessing the solar eclipse

During the solar eclipse that took place last 20th of March, UniSat-6 passed very close (around 1600km) from the totality. UniSat-6 monitored the event with its onboard sensors. The eclipse’s effect was obvious on the satellite: it has been clearly visible from both the thermal and electricity generation points of view. Concerning the thermal aspect, […]

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