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We launch Microsatellites, CubeSats and PoketQubes into Space.

UNISAT-7 is now in orbit

GAUSS’ main activities are:

  • Launch Services for Microsatellites, CubeSats and PocketQubes 
  • Design and Manufacturing of Structures, Electronics and Space Subsystems for Small Satellites
  • Design and Manufacturing of complete Microsatellites and Nanosatellites platforms
  • CubeSat and PocketQube deployers
  • Design of Custom Payloads for Small Satellites
  • In Orbit Tests (IOD/IOV) of payloads hosted on the satellites
  • Complete AIT operations for Micro and Nanosatellites
  • Ground Segment Operations for Space Platforms
  • Space Debris Observation 

GAUSS is on the cutting-edge as a small satellites launch provider.

The Group of Astrodynamics for the Use of Space Systems (G.A.U.S.S. Srl) is an Italian limited liability Company based in Rome, founded in 2012 as a spin-off of the Scuola di Ingegneria Aerospaziale of Sapienza University of Rome, carrying on the school’s more than twelve-year tradition in the field of microsatellites. Active in the Space technology field, its aims are the research, the development and the implementation of aerospace projects, plus the educational aspect and the execution of related cultural initiatives.

Since the early nineties, activities of designing, ground testing, integration, launch and ground operations have been managed by GAUSS members at the Scuola di Ingegneria Aerospaziale, where the UniSat program started under the supervision of Professor Filippo Graziani. The first microsatellite, UniSat, was completely manufactured by the University students and launched in September 2000. It was followed by UniSat-2 (December 2002), UniSat-3 (June 2004), UniSat-4 (July 2006), EduSat (August 2011), UniCubesat-GG (February 2012), UniSat-5 (November 2013), UniSat-6 (in June 2014) and TuPOD (in December 2016). UniSat-7 is planned to be launched in 2019-2020.

GAUSS Srl has innovated the idea of launch provider, making the UniSat satellites themselves launch platforms as well as carriers of fixed payloads.

GAUSS Srl has gained valuable experience from several differently shaped and sized satellites’ launches. The Company business is mainly related to the design and the manufacturing of micro, nano, pico and femto satellites, intended as CubeSat, PocketQube and releasing platforms such as GPOD (GAUSS Picosatellites Orbital Deployer) and MRFOD (Morehead Rome Femtosatellites Orbital Deployer).

Launch of UNISAT-7

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