Fly with us

G.A.U.S.S. Srl performs launches of various types of small satellites:

  • Microsatellites (up to 50kg)
  • CubeSats (1U, 2U, 3U, 6U)
  • PocketQubes
  • TubeSats


We can host specialized payloads:

We can place onboard our satellite your payload according to your own needs.

We have launched and we can provide launches from:

  • Sun-synchronous orbits: Satellites will last up to 10 years in orbit at heights from 500 to 700km. Being a polar orbit, it is particularly interesting for the Earth Observation as it covers the complete globe.
  • ISS (International Space Station): The life of the mission is expected to last less than one year, depending on the decay rates due to atmospheric drag (below 400km). Satellites would need to conform to the ISS safety rules;

We can host your payload in orbit, integrating it into our main satellite bus (UniSat satellites) and its data would be transferred to Earth at regular intervals.

Our next mission, UniSat-7, is scheduled for 2019-2020; some space is still available for CubeSats/PocketQubes release, as well as for external payloads and in situ experiments.

For more information, or for getting a quotation you can contact us at


Here it is a sneak-peek of our upcoming mission, UniSat-7!