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Gearing up for UNISAT-7 mission! GAUSS Srl is preparing the launch of its new Small-Sat mission, UNISAT-7, an octagonal-shaped satellite platform. It will be released into a Sun Synchronous orbit, and it will automatically release CubeSats and PocketQubes, before beginning its research mission. The mission is based on four fundamental elements:   UNISAT-7 satellite will […]

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3rd IAA Conference (2015)

3rd IAA Conference on University Satellite Missions and CubeSat Workshop & International Workshop on Lean Satellite Standardization The third IAA Conference on University Satellite Missions and CubeSat Workshop, sponsored by the International Academy of Astronautics and the European Space Agency and organized by G.A.U.S.S. Srl, including a Workshop on Lean Satellite Standardization, organized by the Kyushu Institute […]

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UNISAT-5 mission

Gallery of pictures of UniSat-5 payloads integration in Rome Characteristics UNISAT-5 is the first satellite designed, built and launched by GAUSS Srl, the private Company that inherits the experience gained with the UniSat program at the School of Aerospace Engineering of the University of Rome “Sapienza”. The project was developed in collaboration with students and researchers of the Space Science Center of MSU (Morehead State […]

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