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Background – Before G.A.U.S.S. Srl

The first UNISAT satellites were developed by GAUSS Group from Scuola di Ingegneria Aerospaziale of Rome. The UNISAT (University Satellite) program as part of the space research projects of GAUSS Group started in 1990 and finished in 2012 with the launch of UNICUBESAT-GG. In 2012 the company G.A.U.S.S. Srl was founded and from there onwards it has continued launching […]

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Gearing up for UniSat-7 mission! GAUSS Srl is preparing the launch of a new satellite, UniSat-7, an octagonal prism satellite platform, into SSO orbit, containing CubeSats and PocketQubes. Furthermore, fixed payloads can be hosted onboard the satellite. UniSat-7 satellite will be launched, as a secondary payload, with Soyuz-2 commercial mission operated by GK Launch Services. The launch […]

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