Monitoring Services

Castelgrande Observatory provides the following services:

  • Measurements from the Astronomical Observatory of Castelgrande (location of CastelGAUSS Project): the customer can perform positional measurements (orbit determination) with 1-2 arcseconds accuracy. The estimated cost of one observational campaign is 3,000.

Castelgrande Observatory Dome open and its telescope


  • With the entire ISON Network*: possibility of involving at least 5 telescopes of the network –  spread over the world – for better observational coverage (for instance in case of bad weather). In general, for this kind of observational campaign there are 3 observational sessions separated by a couple of hours and spanned through the entire night. These observations are performed at each one of the observatories, for several consecutive nights; during the entire campaign the orbit determination can be carried out in collaboration with KIAM‘s conjunction analysis centre with the output in a required data format. Orbit determination accuracy for non-active GSO (without maneuvers) obtained on the basis of measurements from multiple observatories is down to 200 meters, in some rare cases even 120-150 meters. For this type of service the estimated price is 15,000 for one campaign (for ten satellites) or, for example, €60,000 per year. 


ISON (International Scientific Optical Network) is an international independent project performing scientific analysis of space objects data which cooperates with 39 observation facilities of various affiliation with 94 telescopes in 17 countries. The project is coordinated by KIAM (Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences).


Interested in the opportunity of monitoring Space Near-Earth objects (NEOs) with astronomical telescopes for your optical measurements and data collection? 

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