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UNISAT-6 Mission

Photo Gallery of UniSat-6 integration Photo Gallery of UniSat-6 from orbit Videos of UniSat-6 from orbit Amateur Radio information to receive UniSat-6 Characteristics UniSat-6 is a civilian scientific satellite, mainly intended for customer’s equipment testing in space conditions. The satellite has a total mass of 26 Kg and it has been built in Italy. UniSat-6 […]

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UNISAT-6 first video from orbit and its first three months of operations

UNISAT-6 has travelled over 73 million kilometers since its launch, completing over 1656 orbits. During this period the satellite has transmitted more than 16 megabytes of recorded telemetry and 518 pictures. Even if these numbers might not be very spectacular in today’s standards, it is a great achievement for a satellite communicating in UHF with a bandwidth […]

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