Special Price for 3U Cubesat Launch

Interested in launching your CubeSat mission, but scared of launch prices?

Board your 3U(+) CubeSat with us!

GAUSS has set up a special promotion regarding four 3U slots on the GPOD deployer: 145,000 € to launch your satellite from UniSat-7!

Your Cubesat will be integrated into UniSat-7, our next satellite to be launched.
With our experience of carrying CubeSats onboard our platforms since 2013, GAUSS provides a robust and reliable choice to launch your nano-satellite.

Our UniSat platform has more than six years of flight heritage, with proven success of CubeSats deployments in orbit.

Get on-board our original Space-Taxi!

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    Distrust pale imitations of our platform, UniSat is the genuine Space Carrier and Deployer for nano and pico-satellites.

    UniSat-6 in orbit during the release of Customers’ CubeSats


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