EPS Volta

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VOLTA is an Electrical Power Subsystem (EPS) for small satellites developed by GAUSS Srl.
It is able to manage the input power from different solar panels using a MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) algorithm.
The energy storage subsystem can accommodate Li-Ion, Li-Po or LiFePO4 batteries.
Several regulated and unregulated output buses are available for the satellite and its payloads.



GAUSS EPS Volta is divided into four stages:

  • Input stage
  • Battery charge stage
  • Output regulation and distribution stage
  • Logic controls and monitoring stage

The system offers high configurability of the different stages, depending on customer’s request.

Several safety systems are used to recover the EPS from unexpected behaviors and faults of the satellite.

The EPS is designed to be autonomous from the rest of the satellite and its architecture continues working with basic functionalities in case of failures in the logic and monitoring stages.


Primary Features

  • 3 separate and autonomous MPPT input stages, each one contains 2 current monitored inputs;
  • Up to 43W per input stage:
    • VIN max : 37.8V (VOC) *
    • IIN max : 2.08A (ISC) *
  • A total of 6 current monitored inputs
  • Autonomous multi-chemistry battery charge regulator
  • Up to 26V battery pack
  • Single battery cell monitoring and balancer, available by command or with security thresholds
  • 3 DC/DC regulated buses at 3.3V, 5V (max 3A) and one Adjustable output (max 18W)
  • Switchable and latch-up protected outputs
  • Unregulated battery bus
  • Li-Ion 16.8V, 50Wh battery pack (default configuration)
  • 14.4V LiFePo4 battery pack (on user request)
  • Battery heater
  • Several current and voltage monitors available by serial bus communication
  • Watch Dog Timer
  • Expandable input and output stages with daughter boards
  • Highly reliable, software independent architecture

*Max values cannot be reached simultaneously


Other Features

  • PC/104 CubeSat form factor compatible
  • Off the shelf industrial grade / automotive components
  • Operating temperature range -40°C to +85°C


  • Flyer
  • Datasheet
  • Option Sheet

Available on request (products@gaussteam.com):

  • User's guide
  • CAD model in STEP